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What happened to my freedom? I can't do anything anymore without everyone asking a thousand and one questions. Like it's really any of their business where I go and what I do. I could wind up passed out in a gutter somewhere after chasing a bottle of alprazolam with mass quantities of sake and it would be of no one's concern but my own. That's not to say that's what happened. It's simply intended to prove a point.

If I wanted someone to constantly inquire as to where I've been and what I've done I would move back to Kyoto.

*Drawing in a deep breath, he leaned back against the chair, his fingers temporarily abandoning the keyboard. His eyes drifted to a close as he briefly rubbed the bridge of his nose, then re-opened once more, exposing the world one fragment at a time. Once restored to its usual proportions his field-of-view scanned over the words on the screen before him, bringing about a gnawing sense of agitation. His fingers fell back to their original position.*

The holiday season is coming soon. I dread it more each day. Evergreens. Pseudo expressions of well-being. Ugh.

I'll be glad when everyone stops acting like they don't hate each other.
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